“The number one problem is not a lack of ideas, it’s a lack of execution.”

Want to achieve more in the next 12 weeks than most do in 12 months? The keynote will provide your group with the understanding of what it takes to perform at their best each and every day.

They will learn:

  • That effective execution is the key to consistent, high performance
  • What it takes to execute on their goals and priorities
  • About the power of The 12 Week Year
  • The 5 success disciplines
  • The 3 high performance accelerators
  • How to end the cycle of production peaks and valleys

He’ll give them 5 things to do that day to begin to prioritize their business and exceed their goals.

In fact, by applying this system, developed out of the sports concept Periodization, you will

achieve more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months!

That’s because The 12 Week Year focuses on the critical few actions that drive production, creates a sense of urgency to act, helps you take back control of your time, and ultimately empowers you to execute your best ideas day-in and day-out.

Brian will introduce and explain how to properly plan a 12 Week Year, what a 12 week plan and goals are and the importance of using this business model to achieve the desired results. The New York Times best selling book ‘The 12 Week Year’ and our online software Achieve! allows total customization of the goals you want to accomplish.

  • Brian utilizes a cutting-edge Prezi presentation
  • Brian teachs the audience how to use and implement their own ‘12 Week Year’
  • Each attendee receives a three page PDF Handout to fill-in and follow along as Brian introduces these concepts

Watch Brian in action

What to expect

  • Professional and prompt communication when you inquire and book me for your event.
  • Personal service from my team prior to and after your event.
  • An impactful presentation that is cutting-edge, professional and delivered to your audience to achieve the goals and outcomes you expect.
  • Personal follow up after the event to ensure your objectives were met and you are satisfied.
  • Powerful take-a-ways that can make a difference to your team… today!

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