12 Week Year Performance Coaching

Hands-On Training That Virtually Guarantees Great Results

The Workhorse That Will Drive Your Success

Deep-dive training is a critical component of The 12 Week Year Coaching Experience; however, training is not our primary focus.

Behavior Change is.

But Without Robust Reinforcement to Ensure Skills Are Learned and Applied, Behavior Will Not Change.

We’ve developed a complete coaching experience for you that’s focused on real behavior change and results. This includes:

  • Strategic assessments
  • Learning customization
  • Robust reinforcement to ensure that skills are learned and applied

The 12 Week Year Coaching Experience is for the ultra-busy, time-starved individual who wants to begin experiencing results in the fastest, easiest, most efficient manner possible. Regardless of your current experience with the principles, disciplines, and processes that make up The 12 Week Year, your coach will provide the necessary training, tools, resources, expert guidance, and support required to develop your system, drive results, and experience real behavior change.

Make Everything Better

Your Staff: As a leader, you know your success is dependent upon your people. We will show you how to get your team to fully engage, take ownership, and consistently perform at their best.

Your Leadership: As Lee Iacocca once said, “The speed of the leader, is the speed of the team.” If you’re going to grow your agency, you need to grow and develop as a leader. Through the coaching process, you will develop new skills and capabilities to more effectively lead your team. You will learn how to stop “holding” your people accountable, and instead hold them capable!

Your Culture: A high-performance culture requires clarity of expectation, transparency with regard to execution, and evidence of impact. We will show you how to create a positive, winning culture. 

Your Numbers: In the end, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if it doesn’t create growth and profitability. 12 Week Year Coaching delivers documented results. You’re going to be amazed by them.

Find Ideas You Can Effectively Implement

It’s likely you already know that for most people, the biggest challenge isn’t a lack of ideas.

The breakdown is not in knowing, but applying.

Coaching clients want the benefits and the results The 12 Week Year is known for without having to deal with stress, complexity, or overwhelm. They want to move from conceptual understanding to significant results as quickly as possible. They want to avoid costly mistakes.

And they want to know that their systems, leaders, and teams are in sync, and they’re getting the best results they can get. They want the comfort of knowing they have an expert in their corner, focusing all of their training, capability, experience, and expertise on them… their desires, their results.

Basically, they want a performance coach to show them exactly what they should be doing… and then help them do it. That’s why we developed 12 Week Year Performance Coaching to be the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to compete and win.

How The 12 Week Year Coaching is Delivered

Online Meetings:

All coaching sessions are done via Zoom between the coach and the client.

Regular Contact:

For the first 4-5 weeks of your 12-month commitment, you’ll work with your 12 Week Year certified coach for one hour per week to install your 12 Week Year plan. After that, you’ll meet for 30 minutes every other week.

Expert Coaches:

Our certified coaches are heavily invested in the ideas and insights behind The 12 Week Year, so we invest heavily in them, too. They are experts in coaching and in the material they guide you through, which is a unique and powerful combination.

Our Coaches Help You Fulfill Your Desire to Be the Best

People who have never had a professional coach in their lives fail to realize that professional coaches dedicate their lives to developing world-class clients. They eat, sleep and breathe their clients’ future success. They master their craft for the benefit of their client.

When you play at this level, your relationship with your coach is special. It’s special because all of their training, capability, and experience is focused on you… your desires, your results.

When you invite a coach into your life, your win is their win. And they love what they do.

The 12 Week Year Difference

“The 12 Week Year has been a cornerstone of my success.”
“At the end of the 12 weeks I had exceeded my personal goals.”
“I’m much happier, my practice is growing, I’m making money again.”
“If you have a project or a goal or a dream, I would encourage you to try the 12 Week Year.”
“What kind of legacy do I want to leave?”
“The 12 Week Year has helped me be a mentor and develop my staff.”
“I’ve qualified for my year-end bonus, which wasn’t even an opportunity the last two years.”
“The atmosphere is no longer toxic, it’s amazing. And I credit that to the 12 Week Year.”

12 Week Year Performance Coaching provides leadership principles, ideas, and results to those who want to get the best from themselves and their teams.


It requires a significant investment of time and money, but the true investment is in yourself.