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Whether you’re trying to implement new ideas over 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years, change and challenges are inevitable. Many people fear change and avoid challenges, ultimately giving up before great ideas can be fully executed.

In Brian Moran’s 12 Week Year keynote presentation, he’ll show you how to outlast the pain of change and keep going through difficult times to create a different result that lasts. He’ll offer insight for surviving the emotional cycle of change and help you instill confidence to achieve greater things in business and life. 

The 12 Week Year Presentation also shows you how to:

  • Make a commitment, as opposed to being merely “interested”
  • Create and fulfill a compelling vision
  • Weather an emotional cycle that shifts from pessimism to optimism
  • Break bad habits
  • Achieve fulfillment

Within any growth opportunity, there is a “valley of despair,” in which we’re tempted to turn around and abandon our plans. Brian’s presentation shows you and your team how to embrace the volatility and uncertainty of executing new ideas and find the next step on your way to achievement.

Program Takeaways

Our problems in business come not from a lack of ideas, but a lack of execution. The 12 Week Year Keynote will help your group understand what it takes to execute and perform at the highest level every day.

They will discover:

  • That effective execution is the key to consistent, high performance
  • What it takes to execute on their goals and priorities
  • The 5 success disciplines
  • The 3 high performance accelerators
  • How to end the cycle of production peaks and valleys
  • Five things to do TODAY to begin prioritizing your business and exceeding your goals
The 12 Week Year keynote focuses on the critical few actions that drive production, creates a sense of urgency to act, helps you take back control of your time, and ultimately empowers you to execute your best ideas day-in and day-out.
“Brian, Thanks for a GREAT JOB with our field force. Your message was truly a hit. Not only were the agents in need of this approach; but our managers were also in need of helping our agents be more successful. Your delivery was most entertaining and engaging and the content rock solid. Thanks for your contribution.”

– Jim Nichols

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for your inspiring presentation to our sales management team in Las Vegas. Your knowledge of the subject coupled with your engaging presentation style made for a great meeting. The team is excited and motivated to apply your concepts in our business and everyday lives.”

– Medtronic

“Wanted to give you a quick update to my first 12 week period…over $90,000 in production (goal was $70k), finished 31 books (goal was 25), finished Vol. 1 of my CFP review & three sections of Vol. 2 (goal was to finish Vol. 1), & averaged going to the gym 4 times per week! There may be something to this program after all. Thanks!”

– Kevin Hitz

“Before I get too wrapped up in my work and my life I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation. I don’t think words can describe how much of an impact I believe this will have on my career. January’s numbers are just a beginning of what I expect to be my best year ever.”

– Jeff Komen

“I attended your 2-day training and within an hour I knew this could change my life. Using Periodization and the 12 Week Year I was able to take off more than a month at the end of the year for the adoption of our new baby and still have my best year ever!”

– C. Pennella

“Hi, I heard Brian speak on the Expert Forum of UTD last night. You were great and besides giving such a powerful and useful presentation, you also had such a wonderful presence. Thank you so much.”

– Carmen Lund

“Your presentation couldn’t have been better. It was not only enlightening but delivered in a quick and workable fashion.”

– National Association of Insurance Women

“I just heard your presentation to Million Dollar Round Table and think it is the greatest I have heard from MDRT in the last 30 years, thank you.”

– Tom Killoran

“Thanks for your talk. It was one of the best I have ever attended. I’m having my first strategic block right now. Thanks again.”

– Nate Hales

“I am amazed by the improvements and results I am seeing already since I heard you speak. Thank you so much!”

– Tom Waldron

“The first 12 weeks we completed 80% of our annual goals. We are off to the best start in our 39 year history as an office. What a ride!”

– Chuck Vandine

“Your presentation was wonderful, enlightening and motivational.”


“You were wonderful! Our group is still talking about your powerful ideas.”

– CPCU Society

Terrific reminder of the power of goal setting, accountability, and how outcomes are determined only by actions, not knowledge. Is this book original, no. Many books teach these principles. The power in this book lies in its step-by-step system to define, execute, measure, and finally achieve a goal in 12 short weeks. The book is short and to the point, just like the 12-week system itself. A good read.

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