Leaders Forum

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to San Diego.  I was invited to speak at one of my client’s conferences: their Leader’s Forum. The purpose of this Leader’s Forum was to bring people together to celebrate their success, and build their capabilities to achieve even more.  I love meetings like this!  The whole notion […]

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How to Boost Your Effectiveness by 400 Percent

As seen in INC. Magazine January 2014.

Viewing the year as 12 weeks rather than 12 months can make you four times as efficient.
Here’s why.

Want to reach your goals four times faster this year than you did in 2013? You can make it happen by treating every quarter as though it were a year unto itself, […]

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A Little Extra

It was a fun summer for the Moran family.  Unfortunately, the fun included too much food and drink, and now I’m faced with losing a few pounds of extra me.  So I’m back training and eating better.

As I was out for one of my runs the other day I had a revelation (as I sometimes […]

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Rigor and Rhythm

As an athlete, consistently performing at your best demands mental toughness and physical rigor.  The same principle applies in areas outside of athletics as well.  To be great at anything requires dedicated effort.

So much of society today is geared at creating comfort.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently bad about comfort.  But […]

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12 Weeks to My First Book

Our new book launches this week and it will be available in book stores and online.  I have to say, as professionally as I can: WE’RE GEEKED!  The new expanded 12 Week Year has the best of the first book, and it’s been improved with an application section – it’s now a complete stand-alone resource.  […]

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Family Time

I just returned from that annual mass exodus from the state of Michigan know as spring break.  In Michigan spring break is a big deal.  By the time April rolls around nearly everyone is tired of winter and it seems that most of the state heads south (or wishes they could).  As for the Moran’s, […]

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Dealing with Trials

As my Italian friends ask “How you doin?”  How are you handling these interesting and challenging times?  Jesus said that you “will have trials” – not that you might, or you probably will, but that you will face trials.  How we respond in difficult situations not only determines our joy and satisfaction during such times, […]

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January got started with a bang.  In the first 30 days I’ve traipsed across the country delivering keynote speeches as well as full day trainings.  In doing so, I’m reminded how critical our thinking is in everything we do.

Your thinking causes you to act in a certain way, which creates the results you experience.  Ultimately, […]

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