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January got started with a bang.  In the first 30 days I’ve traipsed across the country delivering keynote speeches as well as full day trainings.  In doing so, I’m reminded how critical our thinking is in everything we do.

Your thinking causes you to act in a certain way, which creates the results you experience.  Ultimately, your thinking creates your life.  Almost everything you have in life is a result of your thinking.   Neuroscientists have determined that every thought sends electrical and chemical impulses throughout your brain, affecting every cell in your body.

The average person has over fifty thousand thoughts a day.  Each thought moving you either toward the life you desire or away from it. For most, thinking is reactive.  Approximately 90% of your thoughts today are repeats from yesterday and previous days.   If you’re going to create a life of greatness – in your business and in your personal life – you will need to be intentional about your thinking.

Thinking, talking and worrying about your problems, and what you don’t want will never produce what you do want.  What you think about, what you focus on, you give life to.  Whatever you give your attention to expands in your experience.

This doesn’t mean you should be a Pollyanna.  I’m not suggesting that you ignore problems or issue that are real and relevant.   What it does mean though, is that you focus on solutions, instead of just dwelling on problems.  You need to disciple yourself to focus on the solutions, the blessings, and all the things that are positive in your life.  Even in the worst of times there are still many things to be grateful for.  Your future is not defined by your past.  Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

There are few things more critical than your thought life.  If it’s not productive, if it’s not positive, if it’s not helpful, if it’s not edifying, don’t spend your time on it.  Make a decision to focus on the things that support you in being your best.  Each day take time to intentionally dwell on what is good, and what is right. Train yourself to be deliberate and purposeful in your thinking.


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