12 Weeks to my First Book

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Our new book launches this week and it will be available in book stores and online. I have to say, as professionally as I can: WE’RE GEEKED! The new expanded 12 Week Year has the best of the first book, and it’s been improved with an application section – it’s now a complete stand-alone resource. In fact, as I look at Barnes and Noble today we are #1 for the week!

It’s interesting to look back to the time when Mike and I first wrote the precursor to the 12 Week Year, Periodization. It was in late November of 2002 and we knew we would be attending LAMP, an insurance industry conference, in mid-March. We were trying to decide what we would do to promote and market our services and we decided to write a book.

We had been working to help our clients execute better and with a concept called Periodization, which was an athletic training process. We adapted the concept to business and bundled it with a set of fundamental disciplines and principles and the 12 Week Year was born. Almost immediately we found that Periodization and the 12 Week Year worked. We saw our clients working with greater focus and a sense of urgency that just didn’t exist in a traditional calendar year, and most importantly, getting better results.

The funny thing is once we made the decision to write the book, it took us only 12 weeks to do it. At the time I’m not sure we even recognized the irony and certainly didn’t know how popular the concept would be. We self-published and were debating on how many copies to print to take with us to LAMP. “Do you think we can give away 100 copies?” was the conversation. In the end we took a huge risk…. wait for it …. and printed 200 copies. To our astonishment we gave away every copy at the conference and the rest, as they say, is history.

On the eve of the new 12 Week Year hitting the shelves I’m reminded how much you can accomplish in 12 short weeks.

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